Duck on a plant stick...

Bed time.....

Sea horse

Padded sewing map

Includes a pin cushion, yarn holders, pouch for scissors and other stuff.

Embroidered monogram label

Bag with handwritten recipe and ingredients for pickles

Basket for a cook fanatic

Handmade pin cushion on top!!

Hand embroidered pillow - Portuguese tiles

Hand embroidered pillows

crochet - antique pattern

Crochet extra small
Crochet extra small

crochet handmade to sew on curtains or towels

handmade heart

Sea horse handmade

Handmade heart with skates

Hand embroidered handkerchief and band

Detail handkerchief with roses in Richelieu embroidery

Bags for storage

Detail embroidered band
Embroidered band

Hand embroidered