Monday, April 18, 2011

Potters' Pink

Marvellous sunny day!!!
My favourit art supply shop in Rotterdam is Harold's Kreadijs - allmost paradise to me!!

Cat guarding flipflops- pen, ink and watercolor
 I have discovered Potter's Pink from Winsor & Newton!!! Perfect color for softer south european stone like in the picture below. Not a girly pink but a subtile warm earthy tone ..... would look great on one wall of my living room too...  that's too expensive ofcourse but perhaps the DIY-store can make this color???
And then when people come to visit me and OH and AH about the color of the wall I can say, very casually of course: Oh that?? That's Potters'Pink!! You've never heard of it????? The latest color in interior design...will be verrrrry hot next year!!Avant Garde in combination with graphic prints in black and white, topped off with silver colored details... (fit of laughter!!!)

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