Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Public transportation and Pappa.......

Cold day and had an appointment. Have to ride my bicycle 2 kilometers before I can take the metro, so warm clothes today.
Luckely I watched the news (serial killer in NY??? Am not going there!!!) but really was trying to find out if more people got killed by a dutch lunatic who started shooting in a shopping mall in Alphen (and yes, another person died - a syrian poet who has fled from his country because of the violence and suppression - how painfully ironic!!) and saw that public transportation workers were on strike.... sigh!!!!!
Now public transport is great here!! It really is, you can go from point A to B in a time no car can... but..... NOT when they are striking!! So cancelled my appointment and made a new one for tomorrow.
All of a sudden I had the afternoon off so visited my dad. Had to play Sherlock Holmes before I found him!!
He was with his pigeons and/or cats (yes, I know a strange combination but he is the cat whisperer... grin.. they are allowed to walk after him when he goes inside the pigeons hok << dont know the word >> and the cats dont even have the guts to look at the pigeons!! Which is very contradictive to their normal behavior).
Anyway, made a drawing of my Pappa. He is 76 years old and stil very independant.

Pa 12-04-2011

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