Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shivering Seagull

The weather looked friendly and inviting today but still too cold for my taste!!
The seagull I've sketched was shivering and I wasn't surprised, he was sitting on a peer in the river and got the wind from behind so his feathers are all ruffled up!!

I've decided this morning I will refuse to reincarnate in my next life as a seagull. Coming back as a cat in my house, is a much better option!! The two I have sleep all day, then eat a little, stretch, yawn and walk outside, chase the lady cats and then return inside to their pillows after eating some more.....
Occassionally I step on one in the dark but thats his own fault. He can see better in the dark then me, so he can't claim he didn't saw me coming!!!
Discovered a really neat shop in Schiedam yesterday and bought a one of a kind tailored shirt with a graphic design. Simple but stylish in combination with a black pencil skirt or black pants and high heels. Am going out tonight and am looking forward to it!!! 

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