Friday, April 22, 2011

Writing, painting, cleaning - I lead an exciting life... sigh!!!

My second article online is published!! (Have published a lot more articles but not online)
The goal is to write an article a day, but it's  getting in the way of drawing and painting, so I must try to find a balance!! The problem is that I go to bed much too late because of the time difference between the USA and the Netherlands and the deadline for delivering an article and waiting for approval to publish it!! Don't have a solution for that yet.

Am still busy on the painting of girls on red scooter and a pen drawing of 2 elderly ladies and also with an articly about whether or not calcium higthens the risk of getting a heartattaque.
Beautiful weather outside!!! Also have to do something about the garden.... looks like a jungle right now.....
Oh well, will do something of everything!!!

Kids, sand and water = fun!!!

The weather forecast for the coming weekend and Easter justifies above (study for a ) painting!!! Not one of my best, but better then nothing!!!

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