Sunday, May 15, 2011

Menopausal Moments......

It's one of those days!!!!
One of those days I keep telling myself  it's all caused by my hormonal dysbalance or that I am having a senior moment.... Why didn't our mothers mention this!!!!!????
One of those days I keep thinking: why the f%#*ck did I get out of bed??? (Yeah, even that is totally in the dark to me!!). 

I've started my day by getting out of bed, allmost breaking my neck over one of my two cats (named "slijmbal" which means something like "sucker up"- verrrrrry losely translated) who was doing a very bad imitation of a siamese thoroughbred cat - which he definitely isn't - outside my bedroom door!! I didn't like him very much this morning....
Arriving downstairs, and not wearing my contact lenses yet, his brother (named Bolle or the fat one) tried to be affectionate to me by walking in front and against my feet (which, when you come to think of it,  was quite amazing for an autistic cat!!). Anyway, I missed one step to the kitchen and painfully bumped my toe. Didn'tlike that cat either this morning!!

This woman is probably a close relative. I am not sure but I do notice a strong mental family resemblance!!

Later, when I had calmed myself and put a plaster on my big toe, and had a couple of strong coffee's to balance my mood to my normal uptight self, I tried to phone my dad...... and couldn't find my phone. That ended up in a search expedition, getting more frantic by the minute, because I couldnt find the bloody cell phone!!!
Finally I gave up and all sweaty and frustrated I threw myself on the couch with another coffee... when the phone rang ........ RIGHT BELOW ME..... GRRRRRRR!!!
The rest of the morning was OK and I won't mention the fact that I stept on a snail (without mobile home on his back) with bare feet and how it feels when the contents of the snail is splashed between your toes.....or how my fine china cups are decimated when I cleared out the dish washer....
I have decided to go into protective hiding - I will wrap myself in a quilt on the couch, watching sensitive, feminin and completely realistic (huhuh) tearjerking movies - till this day has passed!!!

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