Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day in the Dutch Mountains..

My oldest daughter told me yesterday I had to be packed at 10 am... it sounded a little bit ominous... I know my girls!!

It’s not like we don’t give them nice and useful presents, for instance we gave the youngest for her birthday a free fall from an aero plane (with parachute so nothing to worry about) and the oldest the "Abseil-experience" from the Euromast, a 110 meter high tower in the city of Rotterdam (that wasn't dangerous either, she was attached to a rope). But I did feel a bit anxious this morning, don't know why….

  My bicycle was loaded at the car of my oldest daughter and off we went!! Our destination turned out to be a village in the province of Utrecht, called De Hoef.

A lovely pancake restaurant, called "De Strooppot” was the start and finish of a bicycle tour of 30 kilometers...... which was the shortest tour as I found out later. So I was glad she took the condition of her poor old mother in consideration, she was kind of lenient with me when you come to think of it!!

It was 28 degrees Celsius (82,4 degrees Fahrenheit) which would have been nice if we had been able to get used to it, which we didn’t. Last week it was freezing and I had to use the central heating and floor heating every night.

The tour leaded us through a rural area with several villages, like Wilnis, Donkereind, Vinkeveen, Waverveen and Mijdrecht with beautiful views!!
Photo 09-05-2011 Mother's Day. Cows near Teylingen

The last 3 kilometers were difficult because it really was too hot and my rear end didn't appreciate the saddle anymore!! (I am very delicately built - for a raphaelic, voluptuous lady that is…)

Finally we reached the pancake restaurant and we could rest in the shade with a BIG vanilla ice plate served on a crispy waffle-like bottom with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, slightly roasted nuts and shaved chocolate >>>>>> Great Mothers day!!

Tomorrow my youngest daughter has decided it's her Mother's Day!! I didn’t put my bicycle in back of the shed yet... I have a hunch I am going to need it soon (fit of laughter here!!).

This song has been playing in my head all day while riding my bike through the dutch countryside!!

 I still like this song after 24 years, it's written and performed by The Nits, a Dutch band.
And no, there are no mountains in The Netherlands, ergo Dutch mountains don't exist!!

In my opinion the best gift you can get from your children is their time. So I feel much loved!!

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