Friday, May 20, 2011

Endulging myself....

 Last night, because of the difficulties getting online, I wrote 2 articles!!! I have exceeded myself!!!
One article written for HubPages and one for Helium. Have allready claimed 4 topics on Helium that have to be written by next week. But for now I feel like painting or sewing, maybe a dress. I have earned it!!
The blog for better sewing from Gerty inspires me a lot!!! And admire her impeccable taste!!
Look at that dress...... sigh!!! Wouldn't mind sewing that dress if I got that gorgeous body with it!!

Received a vintage Vogue pattern,I  had ordered online, by mail this week, I really like it!! Maybe in a subtle vertical stripe (denim blue and white?)
It's appropriate for my age and figure... (And I want to make a matching vintage bag... and have the matching shoes allready!!)
Never have made a hat yet and Vogue does have patterns for vintage hats... would that be difficult to make???
Hmmmm, maybe it's wiser to take little steps... didn't a chinese wise guy (that sounds more like a chinese Soprano??? Probably ment wise old man??) once said:
“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”

Strange day, today. My pc had crashed yesterday but allready behaved strangely the
days before, so I have bought a program online  called ARO that cleans your system and fixes

You never find me!!!! LOL!!! (saw this on DIGG)
errors (one click optimization). Also got a program to manage start up options and access to and from the internet. Also a virus scanner included. Have to say.... it never has worked this fast!!! Untill I unpacked the free Roboform, a small program that stores all your passwords and login-names (very smart tool!!) but not if its embedded in your email!!!
Takes hours to start up!! So I removed it. Am
 curious if it causes more problems. Should have
 known it: if you get something for free......

Am baking a bread with garlic and sundried tomatoes, the smell is floating in the house....
Life isn't so bad when you come to think of it!!! It's actually great!! (Except on a few minor details).

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