Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Geraniums and groceries....

Every wednesday morning I am doing the weekly groceries with my dad.

Took photos in my garden of a geranium flower with bee, but the bee refused to hang in the air without I took a bee photo from the internet to draw, combined with my own geranium flower. Used the wrong paper (moleskine diary) with watercolor so it got kind of messy and blurred. Am not happy with the result at all! Will post it anyway.

Yesterday I was invited by the administrator of the site called "The beautiful side of Istanbul" to post a painting called "Istanbul Patriarchs" and I did. Feel very honored by it!! Will post it here also.

I welcome my first follower Pedro. Thank you Pedro!!
I dont know yet how the google friendship thing works, but will figure it out when I have more time and patience.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and I want to take pictures of the surrounding harbors and bootyards.
Because I've lived here my entire life I don't notice the scenery anymore. Visitors do and that makes me want to see it through their eyes. And looking down my street (typically dutch on a dijk) with a silhouet of ships and cranes above the roofs, its not exactly picturesque but certainly unique....?

Istanbul patriarchs

Geranium flower with bee

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