Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cranes, coins and "Kenia"

Got up this morning and it was raining..... also found out I had a leakage upstairs in my bedroom (again)!
It rained and stormed all day. Nobody in his right mind goes outside in this weather unless you really have to, so no bike ride and taking pictures for me!!

I have made a logo for a company a couple of years ago, which had to represent the skyline of the Rotterdam harbor. I took pics of the harbor and  draw cranes and later reduced it to a very small format. So as a small consolation (only if you really was looking forward to it.. grin) I've added the crane-logo.

My first watercolor painting ever (4th of March 2011). Saw a photo of a Russian man counting his money after doing groceries on the market. I've left out a lot of details (the other 3 grocerie bags and part of the market). I used a Staedtler pigment liner to draw it and after that started with a wash of the entire page to catch the mood. It felt like an adventure (and still does). He was wearing a hat of astrakan fur and it was difficult to get that texture,  I've made an attempt though!!


I am still busy on the "Kenia" painting. The background is finished. But am in doubt of how I will paint the people - pastel or bright?? My brother says I should only draw the people in pencil, because their mind is empty of the killing around them,  so they feel and look like ghosts - colorless .... that's not a bad argumentation at all! Haven't decided yet.....


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