Friday, April 1, 2011

Voluptuous in Voorne-Putten..

Woke up very early and the weather was foggy in the morning, looked beautiful and mysterious!!! The sun came later in the day.
Been busy all day with visiting my dad and brother, doing groceries, buying herbs and garden plants and later planting them in the garden. I love fresh herbs!!
Too busy to paint or sketch, do have a real nice picture of the river Maas and a skyline of cranes and boats passing by, only a 2 minute walk away from my house.
I did paint the skintones of "Kenia". Took some time to get the right color, especially the shades!!
Tomorrow my plan is to sketch my herbs and a sketch of the river.

For today I add a sketch called "groceries on bike" (which I did today!! Groceries that is...) and one of a quick pen and ink drawing of an older woman in the traditional costume of the island Voorne-Putten (on which I live) which I made a long time ago.
The site of Noord-Zeeuwse & Zuid-Hollandse Costumes on Flickr has added it.
I myself am not too crazy about this drawing because its real bad!!!

Groceries on bike - voluptuous

Voorne Putten.

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