Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally finished Kenia!!

Lazy sunday..... (didnt do anything on saturday except shopping, visiting people and hanging around).
Finally finished "Kenia".
Am not too thrilled with the trousers of the limping man, too dark, colour too opaque. The socks of the killed man aren't too great either (the colour I mean).
I wanted the focus to be on the bleeding headwounds of the killed man and the rocks that killed him. I only partially succeeded in that in my opinion. Next time I will only paint the skin and not the clothes..(but not today!!!).

Found out it's impossible to add comment from people who tried. Have no idea why not. Tried it myself and I could, but thats not exactly representative because I am also the administrator so I have acces anyway!!

Am painting from a sketch I made plein air of the river Maas.
The river is about a 2 minute walk from my house and I can see the boats pass by. It's allways busy and constantly changing. This part of the river is very busy!!!
When you come to think of it, this river is like a major vein to the city of Rotterdam. Without it: less jobs,  no trade, no harbors, no prosperity. At one time the city had the biggest port of the world, but I think it has lost this position to another city a long time ago.

I will add a sketch from another great city: Rome!!! Made that sketch on 19th of March 2011.

I do think I am getting better if you compare the two but  maybe that's wishfull thinking of me??
Too bad nobody can comment!!! Wellfounded criticism and tips are allways welcome!!


  1. Dear moek,

    I like the sketch of Rome very much, nice warm colours and exactly how I remember it ;o)

    And about the jacket of the limp guy, in this scan its almost the same as the background...nice composition.

    Greetz, Esther.

  2. Love this one, i truly do!!


  3. and congratz on your blog...^^