Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today's task

My task for today, (completely selfimposed so can't blaim anyone) is a fast sketch with watercolour and no details!! It had to be finished in one hour.

Well, I did and this is the result....... (fingers itch to add more detail and structure but I won't).

I've made this photo a couple of years ago in Kroatia. The wall  I've painted in a sort of earthy pink (first a wet in wet wash and later dry brush) and that doesn't show at all!!  Have to figure out how I can get the real colours with my scanner.
Today I probably was stung by a drone or worker bee (dar of werkbij????) because I cleaned the house like a tornado!! And no, spring cleaning and all that stuff: I have never participated in that!! But I am kind of pleased when I look around....... So, it was a good day!!

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  1. Hello Nelissa
    Thanks for the visits and comments.
    Praia da Ursa is the most western and the most beautiful of our beaches and I have made a lot of sketches there.
    You can see it´s location on the map on my flickr BONECOS DE BOLSO http://www.flickr.com/photos/bonecos_de_bolso/
    It is only accessible by a steep and narrow path from the top of the hills nearby and this last sketch was made sitting on the sand and looking ashore.
    This is more or less what the post goes about.
    And yes. I love your drawings!