Thursday, April 7, 2011

Very busy but still baked a bread!!!

It really was a busy day!!! Went out the door at 7.30 am and got in at 5.30 pm. Then cooked dinner, baked a bread and finished the attempt to paint the riverside. Actually the scanning took longer then finishing the painting!!
The colors weren't right, every irregularity in the paper he did scan though!!!Then the scanner stopped all together, so I was kind of (am trying to look innocent) mad and felt like throwing the @#%#$^&^scanner out the window!!!
But I have to accept this quality for now. I was content with the background because it looked kind of "airy" but that doesn't  show in this picture. Should have left the boat out in hindsight. But its done.
From this jetty (aanlegsteiger=jetty - according to bablefish??? It isnt a pier???) kids and also grownups jump into the river to swim. Kind of dangerous because there is a strong current. The river Maas is very deep here because its constantly dredged so the large containerships can steam up the river into the harbors. This village has a municipal swimming pool, but its open from may till the end of september and hot days can also occur in april and october.... so the river is an alternative for a quick swim.

Maas seen from Pernis to Vlaardingen sitting on a bench

 The drawing below is made after a photo taken at the engagement day of my parents. My dad was in the Dutch army and saw my mother for the first time in front of a cinema with some of her sisters in The Hague. He made a "funny" remark and thought he was being popular. She got mad and smacked him with her handbag (with the weight of an average grocerie bag) and the rest is history.....
Verloving 1954

Time to go to bed. Have to go to an accountant to do my taxes......I can think of nicer things to do!!!

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