Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taxes and tattoos

Haven't had time to finish anything painted, drawn or inked. Did start a drawing/painting of 2 girls in summer dresses on a scooter, allmost looks kind of italian (well, what I perceive as italian) but it are dutch girls on a dutch street.
When the sun shows itself and the temperature gets above 10 degrees Celcius, people put on their summer clothes without realising its still too cold for it... So lots of people with goosebumbs/chicken skin walking around!!! (fit of laughter) Not me ofcourse....

Taxes today, the accountant didn't make me happy but it could have been worse!!! Made a lot of pictures and photo's. His office is in a very old building in the center of Rotterdam. Beautiful carved stairs, antique furniture etc. He collects email or enamel billboards of 20th century (and older) on his waitingroom  walls. As a table: an antique billiart table covered with a wooden plate, very original!!
For the non dutch speaking visitors: the picture below is not to promote the train but alcohol (Genever is a typically dutch alcoholic drink with herbs and verrrrrry strong!!!)

Sketch from my diary.
Couple of weeks ago my brother and I visited Mario in his newly opened tattooshop in the city of Rotterdam. I liked the way he decorated his shop, not too much or overwhelming, but the decoration he did have was impressive!! Mario's wife Helen is a walking advertisement for his shop, she is a bodybuilder with tattooed "sleeves" and more tattoos. Mario asked me when he could tattoo me. Answer: never, ne jamais, nooit, niemals!!!!!
After that we visited the café next door, which we do often. Its a hangout place for local "rough"guys. You can't open the door, you have to ring the doorbell first. Haven't had the guts to take a photo in there, let alone sketch!! Have to think of a way how I can take their picture, they look so characteristique ....... am not ready to sketch with public yet. The only time I do sketch outside is when I am alone.

My brother in tattooshop of Mario & Helen
  In total contrast with todays weather: a sketch of a woman on a bycicle with a rain storm coming. Was experimenting with wax crayons in combination with water colour and decided after that, that I wasn't the wax crayon type of person!!

Tomorrow friday allready, time flies when you're busy!!! Just dragged my garbage can up the dijk because tomorrow is "garbage day". When I walked down the slope, its kind of dark because I have to descent through a tunnel, formed by 2 houses that are build on the dijk (mine is build below the dijk) I tripped over something that made a real strange sound!!!
It turned out to be a cat, mine..... and he is real mad at me!!!
He sits with his back turned to me and when he looks over his shoulder and notices that I look at him,(actually he keeps looking at me till I look at him) he arrogantly turns his head!!! Tssssssskkk!!! He better remembers who buys his food and boils his fish!! (OK, will pay more attention next time and no, I didn't mean to hurt you - stroke stroke - are we friends again now?? )

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