Monday, September 12, 2011

Embroidered emblems and continuous crocheting

You might think, because I haven't been blogging much lately, that I haven't done anything. You are sooooo wrong!!!!

I have embroidered this emblem or "corsage" with initials on a crisp, white cotton pillow case with only one thread so it was a very intensive job!!

As you can see the picture shows the embroidered pillow case on top of my (hopefully to be kingsize) crocheted bed cover or "sprei".
The colors are light jeans blue, white and sand. These are the colors I want to use in my bedroom and are available from Flexa Paints, from the range Couleur Locale.

It is from a pattern from a german book I bought on Amazon, the german department. I have adapted it somewhat because I wanted the squares to be larger, so added 2 more rounds.

Usually I buy from the British department but the selection of scandinavian and north western european craft, crochet and embroidery books is larger in the german department.
And since the dutch and german language have many simularities, it isn't difficult for me to read!
I really love scandinavian folk art and home decoration!!!

At the moment I am reading a book about simplifying your life and getting out of the ratrace of ambition, feeling obligated to compete with the neighbours and consuming goods we don't really need so we have to work till we drop, and the total effect it has on mankind.
And since it's really autumn outside with storm and lots of rain, it feels kind of cosy/ "gezellig" to curl up on the couch with something to crochet, a cup of coffee, my favourit music playing in the background, a garlic onionbread in the oven filling the house with a heavenly smell and a black purring cat (every witch needs at least one - so my brother says) on each side snuggled up to me.... One could easely get used to that!!
I wish everyone experiences this moments of peace and content from time to time. It's called happiness.........

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