Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Russian sewing and English embroidery by a Dutch woman .....

Lovely day today!! Lots of storm but sunny.  I have walked a couple of kilometres on my walking shoes (YESSS, I do have them!!) .
I did some groceries, talked to a lot of women I hadn't seen in a while so we had to catch up on our social exchange of information (euphemism for gossip) and visited my dad. Did do some crocheting but not much, I am waiting for the postman to bring me my ordered cotton from the Wolkoker. (I am very satisfied with their products and their speedy delivery).
I took a photo of my antique children's sewing machine from the former USSR.
I have put a small piece of cross stitch embroidery under the needle, just for fun!! Still have the original box in which it was sold, It has a compartment with the original spindles, needles and yarn and it still works perfect!!!

I am showing it off on a sidetable in my living room.

Some time ago I have embroidered these pieces and didn't know what to do with it.
I found them this afternoon and thought maybe I can use them in a pillow or wallhanger??
I have seen a very cute wallhanger in one of the craft books of Tone Finnanger and maybe I can adapt it a little around these 3 embroidered pieces of cloth??

I watched one of my black cats hanging in total relaxation off my garden bed with his head and front paws down.... I was very envious of that cat, if only people (in this case me) could be that relaxed!!!
It was a really odd sight so I ran inside the kitchen to get my camera, but his brother challenged him to fight so I was too late..... lots of noise in the shrubs!!!

Friday my oldest daughter and her girlfriend - they are going to get married next year!! :-)  - are going to show me and both our families around their new house!! It is very luxurious so I've heard,  I am curious!!
I feel very blessed with my children. They are mentally and physically healthy and beautiful (but thats my totally unbiased opinion as their mother of course), they have made a career out of their hobby, they make up their own mind, are outspoken, care for other people, know how to keep balance in their lifes and have real nice partners!! What more could I want???

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