Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There aren't enough hours in a day... sigh!!!

So much has happened lately!!!
I have been out with my oldest daughter, daughter in law and my dad on, probably the sunniest, day of the year and have made great pics of the port of Rotterdam.... but will make a separate post of that later.
Further I have been  to a concert of Kane in the Luxor Theater in Rotterdam last thursday with my daughters and friends.Was a great concert!!! And the birthday of BF and a weddingsummit where the women in both families have divided the tasks (daughter S et moi: the cold buffet and making wrist corsages for all the women in the family).
And have made a lot of things....... am allmost finished with the free pattern of the blossom bag by Amy Butler and it's cute!!!! (Also quite difficult because it's very detailed). Will write about that later too.
I have started with making a cosmetic bag because I had never before sewn a zipper in a curve!!

I had bought a leftover fabric from Ikea for 50 Euro cents and the zipper I allready had. The lining is from black linnen (also had enough of that in stock).
I really like the fabric!!
This cosmetic bag comes in handy because it can contain a lot, although it looks small:
2 mascara's
3 boxes eye shadow
1 eye brow pencil
1 eyeliner
1 daycream
1 pincet
1 nail clipper
2 lipstick

I think this cosmetic bag may be tutorial material and if someone is interested then I would like to hear it!!
My printer works at last so I am going to print the report of daughter S her research. I am very curious!!

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