Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today I am in the small city of Leerdam  with a medieval centre, where BF lives. Leerdam is famous for the making of industrial and artistic glass/crystal.
BF took me once to a wharf dating back to the 17th century, where the logs were collected who came down the river De Linge and that where used to make models/mals for glasses and scultures. Also a demonstration of  glassblowing and an exhibition of extremely expensive glas à la Murano (Venezia) with beautiful colors and shapes.

Walked the dog, a golden retriever, who BF is babysitting (or the other way around) and I like it to walk with a reason (the dog needs to go out, if that isn't a good reason!! lol), so I am considering of having a dog, although I am aware of the disadvantages.

At home my laptop crashed and with the installation of a new hard drive I was at ease because I had made a backup..... unfortunately the backup also was infected!!! Which was totally unexpected because I had made that backup a couple of weeks ago, which insinuates that the virus was allready longer present.
I don't care about administration that I've lost but I do care about the loss of pics and songs.
My brother did manage to save some files, but not all....

Am reading a book called "Magma" by Thomas Thiemeyer, an eco-thriller. Probably a new genre of books?
It's not too scientific, so even I understand it!!!  :-)

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