Saturday, December 24, 2011

A new companian

Since almost 2 weeks I have a new companion: a dog.
His mother is a chihuahua and his daddy a yorkshire terrier and he is 14 months old. Very well behaved (when he thinks I am looking his way) and very house trained (most of the time). He is allways in good spirit and very playfull!!! I have to walk him 3 times a day so that forces me out the door (into the storm and rain) and get my exercise. Although he is a very small dog, he himself thinks he is in the league of a Doberman (lol!!!) and he walks with the arrogance of an established price fighter...he is soooooo cute!!!

Krummel (formally Prince, also known as Mormel, Brutus and Rat)

Tomorrow, for christmas Eve, my kids and their families come for dinner. Also my dad, my brother and my boyfriend. It's late friday night now and I have made a pan with 4 kg apple compote with cinnamon and light brown sugar caramelized, and a big pan of vegetable soup with meatballs, tomatoes and fresh herbs. The house smells gorgeous and I am looking forward to a stressfree Christmas spent with the people I love.
I wish you all a very healthy, frugal and stressfree Christmas!!!

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