Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Praying and hunting...

It has been a while...... my new dog kept me busy!! We had to get used to eachother and particularly I had to adjust because I have to walk him a couple of times a day, so have to squeeze that in somewhere during my day. It is a good thing though!! I see the river and nature change through this time of year,  so it's very good for making observations and fast sketches (when it's not storming and we have had a lot of that lately!!)

This is a sketch from a woman praying in the river Ganger in India.
Her devote and calm face surrendering to her God touched me.
It must feel great to be in that state of mind..... (maybe I am a little bit when I am drawing or painting?)

Also wanted to try to draw the reflections in the water.
Maybe I will make a painting of it later, don't know yet.

This is a study with pen and ink and a wash of watercolour (warm sepia)
It's a hunting carriage from and in Germany. I had an old photograph as an example from appr. 1920-1930.
It's a very small and light carriage with a metal rack on the back for the game (in this case a young deer)
Hunting was only for the upper class, the lower class had to take a rabbit or deer where they could (I think they called that proleratic hunting - smiling here).
The man on the carriage is the driver and working for the "bon vivant" next to the carriage.

Have more drawings but for now it will do.

Am taking lots of pics but still like ancient buildings real authentic people and cats and dogs the most, which is reflected in my artwork.

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