Monday, February 27, 2012

windmills, water and architectural art...

This weekend I have made a magnificent trip along the river De Linge with boyfriend. The river is situated mainly in the center of the Netherlands. The weather wasn't too great (a bit drizzly) but I think that gave the landscape a special charm!! It gave the impression of solitude - an uncommon sensation in this crowded country. Took some pics and think some are good subjects for a painting!!
Like this one!!
A working windmill to move the surplus of water out of the ditches and canals so the land won't be flooded, the small villages in the distance marked by a church tower (being the highest building in miles and miles).
Local people preparing themselves for sunday, the day of the lord, so the last clothes are washed and hanging to dry in the wind. Mostly very religious people living here so they won't work at sunday.
By the way, I've noticed just now that I have a wrong date on the pic, have to change that in my camera, when I 've figured out how....

A couple of weeks ago I went with daughter S to an exhibition and now I am looking at the pics I discover that the museum square is actually a piece of art....
The people on the pics are total strangers, just passing by when I took the pictures.

There are a couple of museums (maritime/modern art/impressionism/archeological/architectural etc) around this square. It is in the center of Rotterdam and we have an annual poetry festival, a Dunya festival, a lot of rock/punk/ska/blues/soul bands performing here in summer. So not a bad place to be at all!!

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