Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scandinavian suspense and pinteresting posters!!

Thanks to Erica B's blog I've found Pinterest. Really like it!!!!
Love making pinboards with clothes, interior design, hair, books etc.

On polyvore.com you can look for complete designs including accessories or...
make your own design, including accessories, nail polish and lipstick!! Really love doing that!!
I am going to make this pants for myself after I've finished my colbert and pants in Aubergine colour.
The older I get, the more simplified colour palette and coupe I prefer for my clothes.

Also I am reading a lot (more then usual) the last couple of weeks. I really like scandinavian thrillers. Maybe because it's  closer to (cultural)home. I love the descriptions of melancholic landscapes and the banality of daily life with, sometimes totally unexpected a moment of magic. Jo Nesbö is a Norwegian writer of literairy thrillers. They are addictive and very scary!! First sentence of "dodelijk patroon": a young womanis killed in her flat in Oslo. A finger has been cut from her right hand and behind her eyelid a small diamond is placed in the shape of a pentagram...(need I say more????)

Tonight my daughters E and S came to dinner with son in law A. My daughter in law is in Vietnam for work. Daughter S has allmost finished her clinical research on establishing the presence of foetal alcohol syndrome early in the pregnancy. She had real nice posters of it who will be posted in the faculty and spread after publishing of the results. then I can display her poster. So have to wait untill then!!!
Talked with daughter E about her upcoming wedding (hair styles, hairdresser, weightloss or not, last fitting of bridal clothes, what should the mother of the bride wear and so on.)  We aren't the kind of people who make a lot of fus about it. So a lot of plans are skipped because they were too complicated and didnt reflect the two brides... yesss... two brides!!! The first marriage of 2 women in this village and I want to give away my daughter!!! lol!!!! Only thing that matters to me and her dad is that our daughter is happy!!

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