Friday, June 8, 2018

New beginning...

It has been silent on this blog a couple of years.

Why was I absent?
We took care of my dad with Alzheimer's. He lived with me for over a year and spent his last year in a nursing home where me and my brother visited him every day until his death. It was a very difficult time but also a time with much love and laughter. My dad recognized us till the end and I have never seen so much love in his eyes on the moment he "said" goodbye to us, his kids and grandkids.
we wouldn't have wanted to miss these moments for anything in the world. It was a magic experience for all of us and a priceless last gift.

What am I up to lately?
The most beautiful thing happened to me after my dad's passing!!!!
I had sketched and drawn my dad many times and got a request of Catherine V. Holmes if it was OK to use a particular drawing of him for her new book "shading Techniques". I thought at first someone was pulling my leg, but when I received a contract from the publisher, I was flabbergasted. I was allowed to write my own text and use my name too!
When the book was published in September 2017, I felt so emotional because my dad (who always wanted to travel but couldn't) now travelled across the globe (with help from Amazon). To me it was a postume gift for my dad

Sold on Amazon 
Published in the book. 
My dad on the couch having an Alzheimer "moment". The dog knew in advance and sat next to him and made a soft sound, so I could calm my dad when he had delusions and got scared or feel sad.

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