Monday, December 3, 2012

Money makes the world go round?

December.... the month of gifts, good food, wine and family. At least for those who can afford it!!
For the less financially fortunate it's difficult!! Especially if you have young children.
I can recommand tipnut or tipjunkie on the internet, they have a variety of cheap gifts you can make yourself (even for the craft challenged people among us!!) so you won't have to break the bank during the holidays and paying off your bills till march next year!!
Since I am one of the less financially fortunate people lately I am learning all sorts of crafts!! Good for my wallet and also it keeps me busy and I can give way to my creativity!! Also it diminishes my carbon footprint here on earth. So all positive things!!
Being really poor is having no food on the table, no roof over your head,  no warmth and no health insurance. I have all that, so I am feeling lucky!!
Still, I had to make a lot of changes and now I can't imagine why I didn't do it before!!
Maybe time to share my experiences and the way I've found frugal solutions for  monetary problems?

This is the reason why this year I've embroidered
my New Years wishes. The year before I crocheted stars, then sooked them in starch, ironed them, attached a ribbon and sprayed them with glitter. It was really goodlooking in the Christmas tree!!

 This year I wanted to try something else. I had a lot of cards in red, green, white and yellow. Also had a stash of embroidery yarn and also small leftovers from previous embroideries.

Ergo, it had to be embroidered Holiday cards!!

I've started with "Bonne Année" (Happy Newyear) and although the legenda says white and red yarn, I tried red and sand because the white didn't jump out on the fabric.

Then I wanted to see how the "Noël"embroidery would turn out in these colors and I am happy with the result!! I think they will look lovely framed in a red card or an offwhite linen card perhaps!!
If you want the charts: Click on DOWNLOAD!!

This was just the start of a Christmas card odyssee!!! Will be continued!!!

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