Sunday, December 2, 2012

Antique Crochet Case

Very busy day today!!!
Had to move my sewing stuff and painting stuff out of the spare room down the stairs and into the barn and it was heavy and a lot!!! There is a chance my nephew is staying with me for a while, he is 13 years and I want him to feel at home.
I am trying to ignore my muscles at this moment which I am courageously doing!!

No time for making a PDF-file today. I did make pictures of my antique crochet case. I am really very font of it!!!

It contains all the original needles, bone and wooden crochet hooks, scissors, bobbin and an old clothes pin. But, and that is quite rare to find here, also tools to repair and fasten little buttons on kids and ladies boots.
And tools that look like crochet hooks but aren't (the metal ones).

They were used to turn fabric that was sewn to tie a dress at the back
or that are attached to hats (to keep them in place).
Anyway, I can't find the right word for it but I think you get the

The outside and inside of the case is made from red velvet, which is
not in an immaculate state,its used and that shows!! Adds character!!
The copper lock is completely intact.

I've added the crocheted white fish as a colorcontrast to the case.
Maybe will look that pattern up to give it to you, if you are interested let me know!!
I do remember it was a drawn chart and not a written one. (I love the drawn patterns!! It binds all women of the world together, because we all can understand that no matter what our language is).

Wish you all a nice week!!!

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