Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Donkey and the Dog

 I've made this embroidery and sew it on a pillow. I like to embroider monochromes because it's easier, cheaper (don't have to buy a lot of different colors) and more harmonious in my interior.

This embroidery is also made on linen with a high dreadcount so it are very tiny stitches.
I've bought this linen on the local market for 2 euro a metre and it's 1.40 metres wide, so a bargain!!!
 Have thougt about how to sew it on the pillow and I decided to do it very simple.
So I stitched a line as a frame to visually define the border of the embroidery and have torn out some threads to give it a rural look.

Afterwards I saw this picture in older books in full colour. I saw it in a serie about Don Quichotte, the hidalgo who is fighting windmills. (A windmill in the back) But thats contrary to the title "L'Ane et le Chien, which is french. And in France they have windmills too!!! So for the ones who tought only Holland has windmills..... I have to desillusion them...

Above the pattern. And if you want it in PDF ...   HERE  it is!!

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