Thursday, November 29, 2012

First freebie and PDF-file!!

The weather is quite gloomy. Visited my daughter in law who has had a surgery on her foot.  To my surprise she was quite mobile!!! And also very bored because she isn't used to sitting and doing nothing whole day. It was a real nice afternoon!!
After that I walked my dog and cleaned up the house a bit. Cooked dinner and cleaned up a board on Pinterest.

Here is a picture of an embroidery I've made last month on very fine linen. To show you how tiny it really is I've put a spoon next to it. Could only work on it with daylight (and with glasses).
It's a typical German scenery with deer, quite oldfashioned but still nice to look at!!
I've seen a lot of deer in Germany but also in my youth in the Netherlands. My grandparents had a second home in the woods and by dusk and dawn us children crawled very silently in hiding to see the deer drink water. A magical time!!! We saw a lot of animals in the wild that are allmost disappeared now, although there is a revival of reintroducing animals like wolves and everzwijnen  (have to look that one up, maybe wild pig?????). Am not to crazy about the wolves but they are very beautiful!!! Have seen them in Germany inside an enclosed territory. They are shy animals unless they're hungry ofcourse.

Anyway,if you want the chart as a PDF-file, click HERE and I hope you will enjoy embroidering it as much as I did!!!

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