Monday, November 26, 2012

A New Start...

It was a crazy day!!! My house is on the market since today, the real estate agent has made pictures and put it on his site. Hope it sells soon so I can move on to a new home, I am soooo ready for a new start!!!

Am busy embroidering christmas cards, or actually embroidering little pictures to put in a cutout christmascard.

Unfortunately my photo's didnt turn out very clear so have to
make them again.

So here is an embroidery I've made earlier. I've got the idea from Pinterest and copied it. (lol)

Also added a crocheted rim to it. Now I am looking for a purpose for it. I think I have a small wooden sewing box in the shed that might be perfect for it!!
The embroidery might fit fine in or on top of the lid....... Am going to look for it tomorrow.

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